How do I clear Everplans cookies?

Because your browser stores snapshots of your browsing history to enable things like fast page-load, these snapshots (known as cookies) can sometimes prevent you from seeing a site's updated content. Cookies can also cause functional problems when stored content conflicts with live or current content.

If you're experiencing unexpected behavior from Everplans (e.g. you are unable to login but are confident you know your password), you may be able to resolve the issue on your own by clearing any Everplans cookies stored on your computer.

Here's how to clear Everplans cookies in each major browser:

Google Chrome
Paste chrome://settings/cookies in the address bar (or click the Chrome menu button → Settings → Advanced → Content Settings → All cookies and site data). Search for “everplans” and delete all related cookies by clicking the respective X.

Mozilla Firefox
Click the Firefox menu button and choose Preferences. Privacy → Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history → Show Cookies. Search for “everplans” and delete all related cookies by clicking Remove Cookies (select the first cookie and press Shift + End to select all cookies in the list).

Internet Explorer
Go to Press F12 to open IE's Developer Tools. Cache → Clear Cookies for this domain.

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