How do I customize Get-it-Dones?

Get-it-Dones are “calls to action” peppered throughout the Everplan.

Since there’s bound to be some overlap between the services offered by your firm and the various items an Everplan covers, it’s a great idea to use Get-it-Dones to promote your services.

Here's how:

Step 1

Click "Firm Settings" from the top nav bar.



Step 2

Click the Edit link for each advisor whose Get-it-Dones you wish to customize.


Step 3

Click "Get-it-Done Messages" and click the Edit link for each Get-it-Done you wish to customize.

Step 4

Enter text of your choice in the space provided and click the Save button.

All done!

Your custom Get-it-Done text will appear for clients whenever they edit their plans. Update this text at any time via the Firm Settings page.
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