How do I import clients via Redtail?

Before you can begin importing clients via Redtail, you'll need to create an "Everplans" Tag Group that you associate with each client you intend to invite.

Here's how:

Step 1: Create An "Everplans" Tag Group

From your Contacts page, select "Tag Groups" from the Lists drop-down menu.

Next, click the Add button and enter "Everplans" in the name field. Click "Create Tag Group" when done.

Step 2: Associate Client Contacts With "Everplans" Tag Group

If you'd like to associate a single client, click the "Everplans" Tag Group followed by "Add Member" to search for their name. Click "Add Tag Member" when done.


If you'd like to associate clients in bulk, return to the main Contacts page, select the appropriate clients, and select "Bulk Actions" from the Contact Options dropdown menu. Next, click "Add to Tag Group."

Select "Everplans" from the list of existing tag groups and click on "Add To Tag Group."

Step 3: Import Clients From Redtail To Everplans In Minutes

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