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Everplans Questionnaire

This questionnaire is a great way to engage your clients in a discussion on all of the ways Everplans can help them organize their lives and bring peace of mind to their families in case of an emergency.


Ethical Will

This allows your clients to document all the personal lessons, tips, and knowledge they would like to pass on to future generations.

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Essential Planning Checklist

Help your clients get their essential information in order in case of an emergency. Let them know it's always the right time to do this, and it will put their minds at ease.

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Everplans Security Overview

All of the measures we have in place to maintain the integrity of our systems and the privacy of your clients. Share this with your clients when first introducing the Everplans platform.


Digital Accounts

This document helps account for all of your online subscriptions, logins, and passwords. Your emails, photos, videos, and entertainment purchases are all part of your Digital Estate, use this worksheet to get organized.


New Parents

Along with raising their bundle of joy (and trying to find time for sleep), these clients also have some major planning to do. This checklist will help them get prepared as a new parent.


Advance Directive

A simple guide to help prepare your client’s Advance Directive, or to help your clients prepare for any similar conversations they may have with doctors or family.


Writing A Will

A brief outline to help your clients to get a Will in place; the cornerstone of any effective estate plan.


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