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Four Pillars Webinar Webinar: The Four Pillars of Planning

A panel of Everplans experts discussing the four pillars of life and legacy planning: documents, insurance, assets and legacy

Webinar: Covid Impact Webinar: The Impact of COVID-19 on Americans' Sense of Readiness

A discussion of research we conducted on the impact of COVID-19 on Americans' readiness, with Dr. Susan Blank, Ph.D. from Quest Research Group.

Webinar: Pro Best Practices Webinar: Everplans Best Practices for Professionals

Sarah Bunnell, Everplans VP of Enterprise Accounts & Customer Success, sharing proven steps on how to successfully roll out Everplans to your clients.

Webinar: Digital Estate Webinar: The Digital Estate

Having a plan for your digital world to ensure all your accounts and services can be deleted, managed, or transferred to someone else after you’re gone.

Image from Gyazo Video-Sharing and Embedding Instructions

Easily share any Everplans video with your clients on social platforms, or add it to your website by copying the embed code. The share button can be found in the bar at the bottom right of a video. Please reach out to contactus@everplans.com if you need any additional support.

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 10.09.21 AM.png Platform Video For Your Clients

This is a short and sweet demonstration of what Everplans is all about. It's designed to be shared with new clients and prospects or even as a refresher for the more seasoned planner.

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Everplans Professional 101

Looking for a refresher on the details of navigating your Professional Dashboard? Look no further. This is for the Pro user.

New! Everplans Full Onboarding

New! Everplans Full Onboarding

If you're new to Everplans, please click here to see a full onboarding video of the client and professional experience.

How Everplans Offers Peace of Mind

How Everplans Offers Peace Of Mind

Use this short video to help your clients understand the value of creating a thorough and accessible plan with Everplans.

What is Everplans Professional?

What Is Everplans Professional?

Use this short video to help introduce Everplans to other advisors, while highlighting the value it will bring to your firm.

Why Choose Everplans?

Why Choose Everplans?

Use this short video to help your clients understand the value of creating a thorough and accessible plan with Everplans.

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